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Showing courtesy by filling out a personal survey that I was tagged in…

Name: Danielle

Nickname: Dani

Birthday: In July

Height: 5’2

Time Zone: Eastern

Time and Date here: September 6, 22:12

Average hours of sleep: Roughly 7-8

Last Thing I Googled: ”Should I leave him?”

Most used phrase(s): Hmm…

First word that comes to mind: Fête 

Happy places: In bed, alone;  the forest; my imagination. 

Last Movie I Watched at the Cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy (it wasn’t that great, in my opinion).

3 Things I can’t live without: My music; my imagination. That’s it, I guess. 

Something I plan on learning: I honestly have no idea what I actually like, or what I want out of life.  I’m trying to learn how to enjoy my life, but how can I when I don’t have a passion for anything? 

Advice for your followers: Live for yourself while you still can.   

Last thing I said to a family member: ”No thanks.”

Songs you should listen to:  Kooru suna by Akino Arai; Brave by Tomiko Van; Mouthwash by Kate Nash (anything by Kate Nash, really); Out of Control by Nothing is Carved in Stone; Help Me by Joni Mitchell, etc…

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